100% fossil-free and environmentally friendly 

Building heating 

Building drying

Our responsibility

Focus on fossil-free construction heating

We have a responsibility to work together to reduce CO2 emissions at construction sites. With today's environmental focus and an effort to achieve emission-free construction sites, there are today environmentally friendly steps to take.
One of these is a fossil-free and environmentally friendly building heating. Environmentally friendly solutions are clearly where the future lies, where the focus is on reducing emissions at our Nordic construction sites

Services and products

From start to finished construction

Emission-free building heat and building drying
XHP NORDIC Series heat pump provides building heating and building drying in one and the same system, and 100% automated. The pump is remotely controlled from your mobile or computer with a real-time power overview. Control is via the internet.

Construction electricity
Building power for an efficient and safe workplace, regardless of whether you work in construction, roads, industry, shipping or public buildings.. 

Calculation of heat, lighting and electricity for construction sites
We calculate based on your need for existing drawings.

"Consumption of 11kW generates up to 48kW heating"

XHP40 Nordic heat pump is the market's most cost-saving building heat, with the market's highest efficiency.
This technology beats both other fossil-free and non-fossil-free heat sources on cost and efficiency.
At a consumption of 11kW, it generates up to 48kW of heat. 

Eltrode Sweden

Design and establishment of your project

We believe in what we do. And you want to support what you need. We tailor our offer individually to your company or project requirements and to your goals.
We specialize in finding innovative and creative solutions and offer you the type of collaboration that enables smooth implementation. If you are looking for new ways and creative and individual opportunities to carry out your project, our team will surprise you with unique solutions.